our team
Our areas of expertise cover:

  • Legal translations : all types of company registration papers, copyright agreements, designer supervision agreements, power-of-attorneys, customs documents, court decisions, notary invitations, title deeds, regulatory acts, etc.
  • Public procurements: full set of documents for participation in public procurements
  • Financial/ Banking Translation: annual and monthly reports, audit reports, notifications, bank statements, expert and financial reports, loans applications, business plans, balance
  • Information technologies and software: specifications, licensing agreements, general terms of use, etc.
  • Technical translations: manuals and instructions, handbooks, technical specifications, references, standards, etc.
  • Marketing and Advertising translations: offers, leaflets, reports, advertising materials for products and services, company presentations, product catalogues, etc.
  • Construction and Real Estate Translations: purchase-sale agreements, construction agreements, furniture and construction specifications, building permits, official protocol forms
  • Translations in tourism: menu, advertising materials, tourist guidebooks, tourist excursion packages, contracts with tour-operators and agents, etc.
  • Medical Translations: reports, medical history reports, immunization passports; forms, questionnaires, medical equipment technical specifications, certificates; medical devices catalogues, etc.
  • Translations of personal documents/ without legalization/: passports, diplomas
    marriage and birth certificates, CVs, motivation letters, application forms, etc.