our team
Varna Translation team consists of young and highly qualified translators and specialists in different fields of translation. We are ready to take care of any text with any length on any subject. For any business customer we establish a team of translators and a project manager, where the same team of translators and the project manager always deliver translations under this customer projects. Thus, translation quality is improved through a consistent use of terminology and transparency is achieved between our customers and our team.

Each of our project managers is in constant touch with our clients to clarify issues arising in the course of our work and duly inform them on the current status of their project and everything that concerns our mutual interests. Our key principles are quality, efficiency and confidentiality. To ensure accuracy and optimal deadlines for implementation of each project we have developed a well-organized system based on teamwork and personal commitment of our employees. Before delivering any project to the customer, we check whether it meets the following criteria: be accurate in terms of terminology, be consistent to our client’s needs and reflects cultural differences.