questions1. What is the difference between Legal (official) and legalized translation?

Legal (official) translation is made by a sworn translator on a letterhead of a licensed translation agency bearing the translator’s signature and agency seal. Legalized translation comply with the above requirements and in addition, translation is certified by the relevant state institutions and legalized by the “Consular Relations” Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. Can I calculate the cost of a project?

Cost is determined by language group, complexity and time for providing our service. At most large-scale projects our translators work with different formats of source documents. If you want to know the costs, please contact us and we will send you quotation free of charge in 2 hours.

3. I am not in Varna, how can I send the documents to you and how can I pay?

Documents may be sent by e-mail or dispatched to our office by courier and payment can be done via bank transfer. Please make sure you have given our full address. We undertake to courier you back the translated documents just in case you need a hard copy. Courier services costs will be borne by us for large-scale projects above 50 pages.

4. What means standard, fast and express translation service?

The time needed for execution and delivery of a given translation service determines the type of the service. Standard offers are completed 48 hours following the project assignment, while fast orders – 24 hours following the project assignment. Express orders are based on 1 translated page per 1 hour.

5.How can you guarantee the information confidentiality?

Our agency well knows significance of sensitive information and it is our utmost care to guarantee confidentiality of information. We have built and implemented information security policy to secure information assets of our company and our clients. Furthermore, all our translators, interpreters and project managers are obliged to keep any information in strict confidentiality and they have signed an Oath declaration in front of a notary.