pricesThe price of the translation is calculated on the basis of the translated text, not of the source one. One translator’s page equals to 1800 characters with spaces word count (in conformity to the Bulgarian Standard). Number of characters can be found by the Word Count function in Microsoft Word.

Price is determined by the following factors:

  • language group
  • level of specialization and complexity of the text;
  • time needed for the project completion: standard, fast or express order.

Deadlines for translations

  • Standard order – 48 hours following the project assignment
  • Fast order – 24 hours following the project assignment
  • Express order – 1 translated page per 1 hour

Deadlines and costs for large-scale projects above 50 pages translated text should be additionally discussed with our project managers.

Deadlines for Interpreting Services

Interpreting services prices are based on an hourly rate. Prices do not include accommodation and transport costs, if any.

Business package services

For our loyal business customers we offer business package service by signing а contract for subscription services. Our package ensure quick and accurate response to your business needs, workflow flexibility and lower costs. Our business package provides the following advantages:

  • the final version of the project is sent for approval to the client
  • free shipping for large-scale projects (above 50 translation pages) by our customer service team in Varna and courier in all other places in Bulgaria.
  • payment is made at the end of each month

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